Men’s Hairstyles: Which is best for you?


Men’s Hairstyles: Which is best for you?

Today we are talking all about men’s hair. Short, medium, long, beards, and lizard.
Less hair means less work, right? Kind of. Keeping it all relatively short allows you to hop out of the shower, throw some product in, and fly out the door. Add a little length to the top for more versatility. Blow dry it to the side or even faux hawk it up. Shorter haircuts are a great look for a face with sharper edges and a squarer shape. They can really bring out your strong features. Going too short on a rounder face will accentuate the curves and draw focus in places you might not want.
Medium length hair works for almost any face. Rounder faces should avoid going too short on the sides but style the top with a little height to elongate your face. You’ll have a lot of options with hair this length. Style it up, blow dry it back, or keep it down. The world is your burrito.
A lot of men are letting their hair grow out now, just look at Brad Pitt and Jared Leto, or even venture into Brooklyn. Longer hair can be tough to pull off and a lot of work to take care of (ask your lady friends). It’s a great look for some men and can be advantageous in those cold winter months that are creeping up. Make sure and take care of that long hair with brushing and washing. It can get out of control fast if you’re not careful.
What if you want long and short hair?! The undercut/top bun may be the style for you. Very short crewcut sides but significant length on top. You can wear the length slicked back, to the side, or even up in a top bun. This classic look with a modern twist can be styled edgy for a night out or cleaned up for an important event.
Beards are like nature’s throw pillows. Add one and it could be the final ingredient that brings your look together. The length of your beard is really up to you. Most beards can be matched with any hairstyle but make sure to keep your facial hair well groomed unless you’re working on that Robin Williams just-got-out-of-Jumanji look. Try different lengths in places to draw attention to a mustache or give harder or softer edges to your jawline. They say we’ve almost reached peak beard capacity and our infatuation with them will soon decline. I say, if you can grow one then do it.
If nothing we’ve talked about really scratches that itch you can always go full Lizard; a bold choice for anyone. While you’re at it pair the Lizard with a Wes Bentley Hunger Games beard. That will surely draw “oohs and ahs” but maybe not for the reasons you want. Whether you’re looking for a new way to style your current hair or going for a completely new look, make sure to talk to your stylist about the hair you want. Showing them pictures always helps. Don’t be afraid to go for that hairstyle you have always wanted, it may just be what you’ve been missing.
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  1. Ah I love them all!! Especially the messy look, but I can't turn down a good man bun :)

    mallory |

  2. great post

  3. Cool hairstyles:)
    Have a nice day!

  4. the one where the hair is shaped like a lizard is so cool!!!! I like all of these hairstyles for men.

  5. All are really great. I like medium hair cuts on men the most!

  6. Cool hair style!

  7. I just realised how many men hair styles exist!! Such a great and detailed post! They are all very cool and stylish!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great week! :)

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