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About 240 km long bow-shaped deeply forested picturesque Neelum Valley dipped in beauty  is situated at North and North-East of Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. These two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true.

Neelum Valley lies on both sides of the river Neelum. The geographical features enhance the natural beauty of the Valley. Its elevation, a mere 2,000 feet at the start, gradually rises till it attains a respectable height of 8,000 feet. On both sides there are high mountains and peaks. Nearly all the forest wealth of Azad Kashmir is to be found in this part of the State.

Neelum Valley is formed by the Neelum river that flows in Azad Kashmir. Running through the Lesser Himalaya, the 200km Neelam River is Azad Kashmir’s main attraction. The Neelam river and a side valley, the Jagran Nala, are stocked with trout. Trails cross several 4000m passes into the Kaghan Valley.

The valley is characterized by beautiful grass covered hills with sparse tree cover upto Pateka. However, as the Neelum river flows alongside the road from Muzzafarabad leading along the valley upto Machiara, the sceneries in this area are exhilarating but the scenic beauty of the Neelum valley is paralleled by no other place in the world. It is a valley of fountains, springs, waterfalls, flowering trees and plants. Geographically too, it is a hospitable valley. The swaying lush green forests, snow capped mountains, streams singing songs of joy and fast flowing river Neelum, all go together to make it naturalist’s wonderland.  This area is also ideal for mountain tourism. A part of Nanga Parbat Massif falls in this area which is dominated by "Sarwaali Peak" (6326 meters) the highest mountain in Azad Kashmir. Shunter Hill tops are covered with green forests and the fields are lush green with crops.

On a number of places, the local population has built rope crossings on the river. It is a very dangerous device and the very thought of crossing these points is horrible but thrilling. 
The forest wealth abounds in the Neelum Valley. Deodar, pine, fir, wild walnut, strawberry and hosts of other high stature trees and other types of wild growth and herbs are the treasure of the valley. Besides being invaluable in economic terms, the variety of natural growth offers a captivating scenery. 

Traveling during May to October from the scorching heat of plains to the high land basin of Neelum Valley is indeed an escape from hell to the cold breezes of paradise. The temperature remains in between 65°F to 90° F during the summer. The upper portion of the area normally receives first snow fall in the month of October and at some times even during September.

Places To See:
The starting point of district Neelum about 46 km from Muzaffarabad just after crossing the Nosairee Bridge by the route of Neelum road. It is famous for its marble mines, from where marble is transported to Muzaffarabad and cities of Pakistan.  Here is also a crossing point where people on both sides of LOC meet there relatives by crossing the bridge twice in a month.This meeting is possible after a long documentry process which is started with the concensus of both sides governments after the earth quack of 2005. On the opposite side of Chelhana is Tetwal under Indian occupation.Kerna the famous historical place is near Tetwal which is also told the capital city of ancient Kashmir by folks and even bit historians.Important stations in the way from chelhana to kundalshahi are barian, bandi ,leswa, mirpura, jura, Islampura and chembher(Army Hospital).

From kundalshahi about 18 km forward is a link road Leswa By-pass that leads to the top chugali and many more beautiful mountains.

How To Reach:
A paved road runs halfway up the valley, and a 4WD track continues for much of the rest. Buses go from Muzaffarabad at least to Athmaqam, and passenger 4WDs go as far as Kel. In the past the valley has been open up to Kel, but at the time of research foreigners could go no further than Patikha (Pataka), 17km northeast of Muzaffarabad. The following information may be useful when/if travel restrictions for foreigners ease.

From Paticka forest near Muzaffarabad one reaches Nosari, 24 miles ahead of Muzaffarabad. Next come Chaliana (height 3,200 feet), Qazi Nag, Barian, Salkhela, Kundal Shahi, Athmaqam on this road.

There is an other approache to the valley. From Kaghan Valley which is linked with it at two points, the Nuri Nari Hali (Pass) and the Ratti Gali and many minor Passes. From Dawarian it takes two days for hiking or riding and night stay at Dharian at 12,000 feet.

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