Babusar Top


Babusar Top and Lulusar Lake
its a dream journey to unbelieveable beauty instead of a destination. Lulasar lake is in the way of Babusar top and babusar top is a highest point in Kaghan valley.

Lulusar Lake

Driver was a generous and kind person. I enjoyed his company. Babusar top is a very beautiful journey till peak . you will see everywhere greenery, beautiful mountains, streams, and glaciers. and scenery you will never forget whole life. After the journey of near about 2.5 hours we reached at lulusar lake which is worth to see. Further the condition of road is very bad but sceneries are very beautiful. After 5 hours we reached at Babusar Top

Wearing; Ray ban Sunglasses, Armani sweater, Daniel Wellington Watch, Denim jeans, Cat caterpillar shoes!

How to reach here From Naran you can hire a whole jeep for Babusar top and lalusar Lake in 6000 PKR to 7000PKR. You cannot find any hotels here it’s a one day journey and then back to Naran. I see some tents on Babusar top which is available for night stay but mostly people go back to Naran. Food You can find some mini hotels in the beginning of journey where you can eat. But there is not many you should take some eatables from Naran or eat food in begging of journey.

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  1. This is mesmerizing beauty of Pakistan. Lulusar lake's water has so many shades. Looks beautiful. Nice review bro😃.

  2. Amazing photos and style!! Love your blog! Happy monday!
    much love,Len

  3. Thanks so much for your visit on my blog. Of course we can follow each other, I'm following you 44 :) beauty blog

  4. Amazing pictures and love the scenery.


  5. Beautiful pictures and great outfit :)
    Kiss, Kati

  6. Hello Aliyan,
    these are interesting impressions, especially the lake is wonderful. Have a sunny weekend.
    Nancy :)

  7. Such an interesting photoshooting! Stunning outfit and the place makes huge impression :-)


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